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Myth Interior & Architecture

Myth Interior & Architecture is the division of Myth Group which was established in 2010. We offer various diversified activities such as CAD Designing and Drafting, Piping, CAD Conversion, 3D Printing, 3D Walkthrough, Miniature Model Making. Right from drafting and proposing the initial design through to final installation, our expertise in this sector enables our team to plan more precisely while using the latest technology to find a solution that solves the problem of the future.

One thing that really matters to us is “attention to detail”. Our team consists of specialists that bring expertise to every project and skill that it needs. Our cutting-edge technology and comprehensive approach allow us to create utterly captivating, original, and timeless spaces.

What We Do

Interior Servies
Turnkey Interior Architecture & Design

Interior designing is a nightmare without turnkey projects as they help you to design and build the project from start to endpoint and we have a fantastic team of professionals who can take over all your worries regarding the interior designing of your space. Our affordable packages for such kinds of projects will save you precious time and deliver it within the timeframe preset by clients.

Let us find some features or benefits of hiring a turnkey projects handler or contractor.

  • Least Responsibility
  • Hassle Free Procedure
  • Single Point of Contact

We at Myth Infrastructure provide Turnkey Interior solutions, keeping in mind the client’s requirements; complemented by our professional inputs thereby evolving an absolute makeover of the project.

MEP Solutions

From applied engineering, in-house drawings/design facilities, and excellent project management, operation, and maintenance to testing, planning, and commissioning with in-house manufacturing of HT/LT panels, we are capable of managing projects of any scale and complexity.


  • Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning Systems (HVAC)
  • HVAC Control/Building Automation Systems
  • Ventilation and Process Exhaust Systems


  • Lighting Systems and Controls
  • Low & Medium Voltage Power Distribution Systems
  • Lightning Protection Systems
  • Emergency Power Systems
  • Fire Alarm Systems


  • Sanitary, Laboratory, Special Waste & Vent
  • Domestic Hot & Cold Water Distribution
  • Laboratory Vacuum, Air & Special Gases
Architecture and Space Planning
  • Space-planning
  • Domestic Hot & Cold Water Distribution
  • 3D Modeling


Space planning is a fundamental element of the interior design process. It starts with an in-depth analysis of how the space will be used. The designer then draws up a plan that defines the zones of the space and the activities that will take place in those zones. The space plan will also define the circulation patterns that show how people will move through the space. The plan is finished by adding details of all the furniture, equipment, and hardware placement.

The master plan for your project goes from macro-zoning to micro-zoning: associated technical plans enable an evaluation of the cost of the fit-out project.

  • Macro-zoning: distribution of collective services and spaces
  • Micro-zoning: distribution of workstations and office partitioning

3D Modeling

A building modeled in 3D is a constructible model that endures across a project’s lifecycle and teams, it also enables the designer to make decisions on design choices. 3D modeling of a design is not only to visualize the building but also to communicate and plan. The client can analyze and interact with the model in 3D and 2D views of a plan, sections, and elevation. A building modeled in 3D offers better solutions for re-modeling and error corrections. 3D models are widely used for marketing and project approvals as well.

Advantages of 3D Modeling Services

  • Using the visualization tools, the design can easily be communicated to the non-technical client as well.
  • The broad level of details and calculations are possible in the modeling process, which in turn saves time and increases precision.
  • Early detection of clashes between various elements, which causes delay in construction/ manufacturing.

Myth Infrastructure is equipped to assist you fully with the following services

  • 3D interior modeling
  • 3D exterior modeling
  • Revit 3D modeling
  • Presentation modeling
  • 3D landscape modeling
  • 3D furniture modeling
  • BIM family modeling
  • Point cloud modeling
  • 2D to 3D conversion

Our Skills

Myth Interior & Architecture - Creating style and comfort since 2010

  • Designs
  • Visualization
  • Execution
  • On-site Supervision
  • Quality Check
  • Customer Support

Here’s why our clients trust us :

  • We collaborate and partner with our clients at every stage of development.
  • Our vendors deal with world class supplies for installation with futuristic design.
  • We provide value added services bundled with our core offering.
  • We have highly competitive rates compliment our client’s budget.

Our Clients

Clients Testimonials


A very responsible and skilled team, in regular contact, to assist at every stage. Myth group has been offering quality interior and architectural solutions for many years and is the best in the market. I would recommend Myth group for all studio setup, design, and architectural needs.

Suresh Warier
Radio Mirchi, Mumbai

We have engaged with Myth Group for many years and have always been satisfied with their work. To our absolute delight, all the products they deliver are of superb quality and proper finish. They added a new spark into the interior and have provided us with the best and acoustic studio design work.

Rangarajan G
Red FM